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Original RE7 Music and New Machinima Show Teaser!

Checkout two completely original songs inspired by Resident Evil 7 from the extremely talented Demo Demon. I even made a little hybrid music video of both songs for your viewing pleasure. Don't forget to checkout his Youtube @ Gameistri. You can checkout the full video for "I Don't Like That Marguerite" on Demo's youtube HERE. While you're there, don't forget to give that video a like and subscribe to his channel. Also, Demo Demon has a new album due out by the end of October! Checkout more of his music HERE.

Here is a brief little teaser for you guys to checkout for a brand new Injustice 2 machinima series. Episode 1 is expected to release around the end of July if all goes well. But you guys know the drill. Creating quality machinima is a long and in depth process, so keep in mind this is a target date and may be delayed. But I'll keep you posted!

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