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Halloween Event at The Ward!

Hey guys! Do you love Halloween? Ofcourse you do! So do we! Starting October 1st through the 31st, we're going to be doing nothing but Horror themed videos. I guarantee at least 4 videos this month but I hope to do many more. I've got all kinds of terrifyingly funny videos planned such as Machinima, Music videos, Let's Plays, a Zombiethon, and much more! I don't want to spoil too many of the treats just yet. I'm also going to kick off the first couple of contests during the month of October, which will be themed appropriately. So, help me out by spreading the word on your social medias and get your friends involved. Now's the time to get your friends and family hooked on DOOL and get them prepared for whats to come! Keep your eyes peeled to and our YouTube ofcourse for all the spooky action! Kill ya soon! Mwahahahah *cough* *Choke* ehh....

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