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Support me on Patreon! My Patreon page is where you can help support my videos on an ongoing basis, in exchange for some exclusive perks. 

Your donations are used to upgrade equipment such as better quality mics, Editing software, PC upgrades and media storage, advertising, games for projects, sound effects, website fee's and more. Upgrading these things will impact audio/video quality, production time, Sound effect quality, visual effects and more! I'd also like to get to the point where I can substitute the income I make from creating videos so that I can work less at my day job and spend more time creating the content that you and I love! Creating these videos is a TON of work and a HUGE investment of time. I wear many hats in the creation process such as director, writer, producer, editor, sound designer, voice actor, voice director, casting director, graphic designer and many more. I spend most of  my free time working on videos and it can be really demanding.

Just select how much you want to support every month. Each tier has accompanying rewards. I offer things like:

– Exclusive deleted scenes and outtakes
– Exclusive merchandise such as T-Shirts and Hats not found in the store
– Access to additional information and updates
– Personal messages from characters from the shows
– Your name in the credits of shows
– Drawings for prizes
– "How-to" guide videos for creating machinima, music videos, ect

– and more!

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Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy the videos!    -Shaun