The Ward Productions

                                                                          /Shaun Clark

                                                                You may be asking yourself, "What the                                                                                                                                heck is The Ward Productions!?" Well, The                                                                                                                          Ward is something that was essential                                                                                                                                  born out of my obsession for Capcom                                                                                                                                  video games and a fascination for a new                                                                                                                            concept (At the time) called "Machinima" .                                                                                                                          Well, you may be thinking "Machinima"?                                                                                                                              What is that? Basically, Machinima is a                                                                                                                              format of film making that uses video                                                                                                                                  games as tools to create a story unique                                                                                                                              to the writers imagination. Instead of using things such as video cameras, sets and other such concepts that you would normally use in creating a movie or a show, you use the in game camera to film, levels in the games as your set, the character models as the actors (manipulated by the players as puppeteers), an entirely new story is written and acted out using the character models and voiced by actors, thus creating something completely original! This can be anything you want. Let's use Resident Evil 4 as an example. Originally RE4 (Resident Evil 4) was a serious, action filled horror experience, but through the magic of Machinima, we can make it a western, complete with southern(?) accents and create a story where the villain (Osmund Sadler) was a robber who stole peseta's from Leon Kennedy and smuggled them across the border to Spain using Ashley Graham. Or you could create Days of Our Lives Resident Evil using some of the concepts already there and twisting them around into a foul language comedy! Now that you know what machinima is, lets talk a little bit more about my story and how I got involved with Machinima. I started making Machinima in 2005 when it was a brand new concept! My first videos were made using Killer 7 and Resident Evil 4 (which was the birth of Days of Our Lives Resident Evil). I also made videos that year using Resident Evil Outbreak, Devil May Cry and Haunting Ground. All Capcom games! At the time it was something I was just doing for myself and I'd share it with my friends and eventually on a couple forums and what not. As I continued this process I started to develop a fanbase on a Capcom based community and those fans started to post my videos on Youtube where the show really started to get attention. Some of the posted videos were getting views in the hundreds of thousands. So, I started putting more time and effort into the videos to get the viewers better content that increased in quality each time and it just kind of became a thing! So, now that I had an audience, I needed a website! It just so happened that my best friend (Damon Hunt) and I had been in talks to create a video game website where we did reviews and news related content. We brain stormed on tons of names for the website and eventually Damon came up with "The Ward" Seemed like a cool name

and it just kind of stuck. Unfortunately the

video game news/review concept never

really came to fruition. We had some solid

ideas and we even had other journalists on

board to create content but, getting them

to be consistent and timely proved to be

impossible and then there were format

issues and it just never came together. But,

with the attention that Days of Our Lives

Resident Evil was getting and the

idea for Machinima starting to catch

peoples attention, we decided to take the

name "The Ward" and turn it into the

website where my DOOL (Days of Our

Lives Resident Evil) videos  could be accessed, as well as all future Machinima videos. I ran the website and continued to make videos till around 2009 when my relationship of 5 years ended abruptly. I took that pretty hard and it definitely impacted me creatively and slowed me down quite a bit. That same year, not long after that whole mess, Damon (My best friend) passed away. That really put me into a damaged state and I fell off the creative wagon entirely. I quit my job and stopped making videos all together so I could recover from everything that I had lost, clear my head, reevaluate my life and eventually move forward. After awhile I was able to release DOOL Ep 7 in 2010, about 10 months later but, then my PC died. Being that I was still jobless and nowhere near recovered, there was no replacing the PC and therefor no way to make videos. During this time there were ups and downs, I gained and lost several friendships along the way and ultimately ended up in a relationship that I would be in for nearly 9 years. Obviously my focus shifted to that, I was content, THAT was what I was going to focus on in my life. During that time I was able to recover from my wounds, We got engaged, I got a job and built myself up financially (Somewhat), Eventually I was able to afford a replacement PC and tapped back into my creative side and started doing something I missed dearly again. Making Machinima. Unfortunately that relationship was not meant to be either. My fiancé and I broke up at the end of 2016. I won't lie, it's been rough, but I refuse to let that impact The Ward again. Creating these videos is something I am truly passionate about and have always wanted to do. Plus, I love my fans! It makes me feel great knowing that I possibly brightened up a few moments of somebodies day through one of my videos. Unfortunately I was never able to elevate The Ward to the level I truly believe it belongs, which is THE Machinima source, with a wide variety of quality machinima series that keep you coming back. I hate to quote Donald Trump.... But, I want to make The Ward great AGAIN! No. Even better! So, through the continuing content that I create, I hope to get to that level and I hope to make you guys/girls laugh and have a good time along the way. I want to create awesome content you can't help but quote and share with your friends. Because at the end of the day, my goal is to put a smile on your face and if I've managed to do that, Then my job is complete.

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